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In Libya and the Middle East Witnessed the Establishment of a company that was designed to shifting the paradigm the history of digital technology in the region. High Tech IT is a leading company specializing in software, Web Design ,smart applications and media. 25 years of accumulative experiences of our team through many of separate enterprise projects mixed together to end by High Tech IT CO. with all those experiences to be able to develop the innovative ideas and the most professional projects

Since its establishment, High Tech Company count on constant and continuous presence of a dedicated team responsible for the development of information technology innovative solutions, Web site solutions and software solutions which is always in line with the technological development on a global level through the provision of all necessary tools and programs to reach the highest levels of product quality, with a constant research on the recent business evolutions in all fields to reach the highest level of clients satisfaction.

From the first year of buildup, High Tech Company. settled its own impress in information technology industry, by implementing some major projects, which reflecting positively in our clients trust. There for the company was able to brand its name in a relatively short period, This achievement was a result of the permanent commitment to the highest level of quality and delivery on time to ensure the fully of customer satisfaction.

For past years High Tech Company became a professional in designing and developing of innovative solutions for all kinds of platforms, also developing and producing games ,Apps for smart phones.

High Tech Company also produce several animation films, advertisements and visual programs many of it awarded by many festivals and international firms, This leads to put High Tech Company as the most experienced and understandable in all visual and digital media specialties at Libya and the Middle East, the company has gained a magnitude knowledge, experience and understanding of the nature of work in the technology and media sector through the provision of services to the top specialists regionally in this sector.High Tech Company is unique in that because it relies on the scientific and specialized researches in all fields to bring scientifically and academic base solutions. We do our best to remain at the fore front in the field of innovation and development the most advanced information technology, to translate this technology into tangible value to our customers through specialized solutions, services and a reviewing for all business all over the world. More than 25 years of accumulated experience added to know-how of our dedicated employees has lead to the institutionalization of the idea of effective creativity. In each field of business, HT ’ designers and developers respond thoroughly to the suggestions and requirements of the respective business consultants

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